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Jewelry Designer 


Bernadette Johnson is an artist who has created a unique line of hand crafted sterling silver jewelry inspired by the beauty in natural stones.

Bernadette has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, so the scientific aspects of metallurgy and geology appeal to her, but perfecting new jewelry making techniques keeps her creative side busy as well. Bernadette’s journey of creating jewelry started at a young age with stringing beads, which evolved into more complex bead weaving, and in her latest transition has advanced into silversmithing settings for the beautiful and unique stones and fossils she so loves. Bernadette works in her home studio, with the support of her family, to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. 

"I was in the 4th grade when my sister gave me my first seed bead kit. She later sent me several tubes of seed beads and I have been hooked ever since. I designed beaded jewelry for years until I attended a series of silversmithing classes with that same sister. We both loved working with silver and I have been making jewelry with silver and fun and unusual rocks and fossils ever since. I opened my Etsy shop in hopes to share my jewelry with the world (I certainly can't wear it all myself)."

"I hand craft each piece of jewelry in my home studio and it is incredibly satisfying to create such beautiful objects with my own two hands. Every step from: sourcing the stones and metal, dreaming up the design (one of my favorite steps), assembling the pieces, setting the stones, and final polishing, is done by my two hands and a few tools. I like to think of each piece as a mini piece of art, as no two will ever be exactly the same, and I have fashioned my hopes and dreams into each piece. There are so many colors, shapes, and styles available in natural rocks, I think the possibilities are endless. If you love unique jewelry that you won't see everyone on the street wearing, check out my shop. And please contact me if you have something in mind, but don't see it. I would love to help you design the perfect piece just for you!"

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